An Efficient Dumpster Rental Approach To De-Clutter A Home

31 May 2023
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Extensive home clutter can lead to problems like slip-and-fall accidents and fire hazards. Still, hiring a junk-hauling crew could be expensive. Renting a dumpster could be a more affordable option for those capable of performing a do-it-yourself clean-out. However, randomly choosing a dumpster and not having a proper plan to dispose of your items could negate the cost-saving benefits. It's essential to perform some pre-planning to make the most of this option.

Get the Right Dumpster

A motivated homeowner might move a decent amount of unwanted items into the dumpster, but the clean-out could fall below expectations when the dumpster fills up too quickly. All dumpsters reach capacity at some point, and smaller ones fill up quicker than larger ones. A homeowner may feel frustrated when they want to put more inside the dumpster, but there's no space. Choosing the right size dumpster may prevent such an annoying problem from occurring. Those trying to figure out what size dumpster to pick could direct questions to the rental service. Providing a representative with crucial details about the clean-out may help things. Sending photographs of a full garage might give the dumpster rental representative an idea about what dumpster to recommend.

Organize What You Throw Out

Tossing all the bulk items into the dumpster might be an inefficient way to clean out a home. For example, throwing a desk and several chairs into the dumpster first could leave unfilled gaps between the discarded items and the dumpster's floor. Smaller items placed in the dumpster after the bulk ones will sit on top of them. That could mean a lot of wasted space and an inefficient clean-out. Organizing what goes in first and last could achieve optimal results. Some things might not need to go into the dumpster. If items can go inside a trash bag, why not discard them on the regular garbage pickup day and free more space in the dumpster for other belongings?

More than One Clean-Out Day or Week

There might be a better solution than rushing to discard unwanted belongings. Patience and a multi-step approach may lead to better results. Renting a dumpster once every three months could lead to a better organized and more thorough clean-out. Four clean-out weekends during the year would ultimately lead to a less cluttered home. If there's no compelling reason to rush the clean-out, why not take a slower approach that gradually wipes out the clutter?

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