Your Construction Recycling Plan

22 December 2022
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Construction waste eats into your profits and has a negative impact on the environment. If messy worksites and the loss of pay has you troubled, prepare a construction recycling plan that will improve your business practices.


Many building materials can be recycled, including wood, asphalt, sand, metal, and plastic. Before you prepare a plan, you will need to decide in which way you would like to recycle materials. You may choose to repurpose materials that you already have access to. You may also decide to use a third party to aid you with repurposing the materials that you have possession of.

For instance, if you encounter a lot of wood that is left over at the end of a demolition project, you may want to contact an outside source and inquire about having the wood products processed. Reclaiming wood involves removing hardware from wood and choosing to have the wooden materials cleaned, sanded, and stained. If an outside recycling center will be performing this service for you, they will be responsible for recycling the wood and disposing of any waste materials that remain at the end of the repurposing process.

Cost Savings And The Removal Of Unwanted Items

Some places of business sell construction materials that are repurposed. A salvage shop may feature many materials that you commonly use for new construction projects. The items that are sold at a salvage shop may look brand new and be just as durable as materials that haven't been used before. If you decide to purchase many of your construction materials through a salvage shop, you may notice that acquiring materials to complete entire projects does not cost nearly as much as what you formerly paid for new materials that are similar.

Obtaining some recycling boxes and waste receptacles that can be used to sort materials can benefit you and your crew members. First, decide how many materials you will be salvaging and how many you will be disposing of. Next, contact a waste management company and ask them about the dumpsters, recycling containers, and trash cans that they rent out. Renting these containers as needed will ensure that you always have a valid way to transport items or dispose of them.

A rental company may offer a maintenance service. This will involve emptying and cleaning the containers as needed. A waste management company may offer plastic liners and other accessories that can be used to prevent the inside of a dumpster or can from becoming dirty. 

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