Key Maintenance Protocols For Dump Trailers

25 July 2022
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Dump trailers are amazing solutions because of the number of materials they can hold and their hydraulic components that lift the trailers up for easy dumping actions. If you have said trailer and want it truly holding up, follow through with these maintenance protocols. 

Have Hydraulics Inspected at Certain Intervals

Some of the most important parts of your dump trailer are the hydraulics as they help generate power that's necessary to lift the trailer upward for material removal. You should have these components inspected by a professional at certain intervals so that red flags don't linger if they're present.

An inspector can check on key hydraulic parts, including the pistons, seals, and hoses. They'll let you know if there are signs of damage or performance issues they picked up on when testing the dump trailer out in person. They can also suggest an inspection frequency based on how often you use this trailer and its hydraulic parts. 

Keep Tires Aired Up

You'll have no issues moving a dump trailer around any work environment if you do your best to keep the tires aired up properly. This is something you won't struggle with at all if you just invest in an accurate PSI reading device. You can use it to check the pressure levels often to make sure they're not outside of the suggested range.

If they are, you can put more air in your tires and drive the dumper trailer with added control. If you keep having to put more air in the tires, that's a sign there's a leak and you should have the tires inspected further before using the trailer consistently. 

Check Frame For Rust

The frame is another pivotal part of a dump trailer as it's what gives this whole system structural support to move and operate smoothly. You want to check it over for signs of rust because this is a problem that can easily escalate and cause a lot of damage.

You can keep the dump trailer protected though by reviewing the frame carefully for possible rust spots. If you find some, treat them with the right removal solutions before rust has the chance to spread all over.

You can have an easier time moving and unloading materials around work sites using dump trailers. Your trailers will remain an amazing investment if you just care for them properly and know when to intervene with meaningful repairs.

For more information on dump trailers, contact a company near you.