3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Garbage Company To Pick Up Your Trash

10 September 2020
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Are you in need of a new garbage service for your household? Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a company to work with:

How Often Can Service Be Scheduled?

One important question to ask prospective garbage disposal companies is how often they're willing to come to your house and pick up your trash. If they only visit your neighborhood once a month, you may end up having to store piles of trash somewhere at your home between visits – which can create unpleasant smells and an eyesore that nobody in your household appreciates.

You shouldn't have to maintain several garbage bins or deal with piled up bags of trash while waiting for someone to pick it up. Therefore, unless you create very little garbage at home, it's a good idea to make sure that your new service provider is willing to visit your house at least once a week to pick your trash up.

Is Anything Prohibited?

You should also find out whether anything is prohibited by the garbage companies you consider doing business with. They may not be willing to pick up things like old furniture, tires, and empty oil containers. If you don't know what's prohibited before your garbage starts getting picked up, you may end up breaking your contract or being charged an extra fee just because you put something in your trash that the company doesn't want to deal with. Ask for a complete list of prohibited items so you can ensure that you comply with your service provider's rules and regulations.

Is Recycling Service Offered?

Many, but not all, garbage removal companies will pick your recycling up when they show up to get your trash which can save you time and eliminate the inconvenience of having to recycle paper and plastics yourself. If you want to do your part and make sure that everything that can be recycled is, you should make sure that your service provider offers recycling services. You should also find out how your recycling should be packaged to ensure that it gets picked up on garbage day.

The company may provide you with special containers to put your recycling in, or they might require you to purchase and maintain special containers depending on what you want to recycle. And you may or may not have to pay an extra fee for the service, but don't expect to receive any funds from the garbage company you're working with in exchange for the recycling you leave out for them.