A Little Organizing Goes A Long Way With Cleanouts And Junk Removal

9 July 2020
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Dealing with cleanouts brings forth some positive feelings, along with a few foreboding ones. Cleaning out a garage, attic, or basement brings forth the uplifting sense of getting a house in order. Renting a dumpster to dispose of various items can cut down costs, as you'd be handling things in a DIY manner. Drawbacks may appear when you think of how many weeks of both work and costly dumpster rental fees everything takes. Don't fret too much over costs and durations. With the proper organization, you may be able to bring both the budget and timeframe down.

Don't Just "Toss Things" into the Dumpster

Renting a dumpster creates thoughts akin to an ABC process. You take junk, throw it in the dumpster, and call to the dumpster removal once the bin fills. Overall, that's what the process entails. People tend to follow an inefficient approach, though. Opening up the sliding garage door and moving the things closest to the door right into the dumpster seems logical, but it might not be the best plan. You could waste a lot of space in the dumpster this way. Consider doing the following to save space and, in turn, get rid of more junk:

  • Dismantle Bulk Items: Throwing an entire table into a dumpster can waste a tremendous amount of space. Often, tables and other furniture can be easily dismantled with a screwdriver. If necessary, safely taking a hacksaw to the furniture delivers another safe-saving solution.
  • Put Flexible Items at the Bottom: If you have old, rotted blankets or beach chairs, putting them at the bottom of the dumpster makes sense. These items will compress under the weight of heavier items. The sinking then creates more space at the top. If you put compressible things on top of heavier ones, you won't save any space. Nothing compresses.
  • Place Some Things out in the Trash: Why waste dumpster space with things you could put out in your rubbish cans on trash day? The local trash collectors pick up a set amount of bags and materials for free. Use the dumpster judiciously.

Truthfully, you can never be too organized. Nor is it ever too early to organize the process. Setting aside a few days to inspect a garage or another room helps you better organize and prep for the dumpster's impending arrival. Avoid waiting until the last minute when planning on a cleanout. Maximize your time, your effort, and your dumpster's capabilities in advance.

If you need help with your cleanout, contact a waste removal service.