What In The World Is A Dump Trailer?

26 June 2020
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You've most likely seen them. Whether on the road or on a golf course somewhere, you've probably noticed a regular trailer that is pulled by a truck that can stop, lift up the trailer bed, and dump out whatever it's holding onto the ground behind it. It's an extremely simple, yet powerful machine that combines the pouring capabilities of a dump truck and the mobility of a flatbed trailer.

They're called dump trailers, and they're perfect for loading and transporting large amounts of biosolids and sludge to wherever your wor site is and placing them right where you need it. But beyond that, what makes a dump trailer different than anything else you might see?

Dump Trailers Comes in Multiple Sizes

Dump trucks are enormous machines that start at huge and scale up to absolutely gigantic. Dump trailers, on the other hand, can start at the size of a wheelbarrow and go up to a full flatbed trailer, making them perfect for commercial and personal uses. You won't need a special license to use it; you simply hook up the trailer to the back of your vehicle, fill it with your supplies, and take off. 

Dump Trailers Have Different Accessories

Depending on your needs, there is a dump trailer than can suit it. From different tailgate options that can open and collapse three different ways to roll out ramps that allow you to take a forklift up onto the bed, dump trailers are incredibly versatile and adaptive machines. Most dump trailers come standard with a drop-down tailgate that allows the sludge to slide out of the back straight onto the ground, making application a breeze.

Dump Trailers Have Hydraulic Lifts

Probably one of the most distinctive features of dump trailers is the hydraulic lift that raises one side of the trailer bed to dump the materials onto the ground. Most models have an automatic lifting system, designed for heavier loads, while others offer a standard manual lift. Either way, the hydraulic components of dump trailers allow for a very simple loading and off-loading process and allow you to transport any size load that is needed. We rely on dump trailers every day for our operations, precisely because they offer the unique combination of power and efficiency that we need.

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