Tips for Avoiding Problems When Renting a Dumpster

28 May 2020
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Whether it is for a major project or regular trash management, dumpster rentals can be a common need for both individuals and businesses. However, there are some basic dumpster tips and strategies that may not be utilized, and this can greatly increase the risk of problems, complications, or other issues arising from attempting to use the dumpster.

1. Protect The Dumpster From Rain

One mistake that people will often make with their newly rented dumpster is failing to take steps to shield it from the rain. A dumpster can quickly fill with water as a result of the rainfall, and this can make it more difficult to use and unsanitary. At a minimum, you should choose a dumpster that has a lid that can be closed to keep water out of it. However, you may also want to consider using an awning to provide cover for the dumpster. This can reduce the amount of water that can seep into it through the lid while also making it far easier to use the dumpster during heavy downpours.

2. Consider How Long You'll Need the Dumpster

If you are planning on using the dumpster for a long-term basis, you will need to be mindful of the type of care that this will require. For example, you will need to arrange with the rental service to regularly empty the dumpster so that you can avoid overfilling it. Additionally, some rental services will offer discounts and other savings for individuals that are renting a dumpster for a long time. In some situations, you may be unable to determine how long you will need to use the dumpster. Luckily, these rental services can accommodate individuals that are facing this challenge by making it easier to extend the length of the rental period.

3. Have a Plan for Securing the Dumpster

Unfortunately, a dumpster will need to be secured to avoid individuals dumping trash into it without permission or rummaging through its contents. Many dumpsters can be equipped with a lock that will allow you to easily prevent individuals from being able to access the interior of the dumpster. While this can make it possible to secure the dumpster, you will need to be sure to remove the lock before the dumpster is scheduled to be emptied. Otherwise, it will be skipped, which could lead to major disruptions as you may not be able to put any more garbage in it until it has been emptied.

Learn more about the process by contacting local dumpster rental services.