Information About Trash And Avoiding Pests

16 April 2020
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Trash can capture the attention of a lot of different types of pests and wildlife. If you don't watch out, then your trash can cause a lot of different pests and wildlife to end up on your property. Once they come onto your property, they can end up causing a lot of different types of problems for you. You can learn about some of the different ways that you can keep pests and wildlife from getting into your trash and from becoming problematic for you by reading this article.

Keep the lid closed

Whether you have rented a dumpster for a temporary clean-out or you are just concerned about your regular trash container, you want to make sure you keep the lid closed. If you have a trash can that doesn't have a properly fitted lid that locks into place, it will be worth it to replace it with one that does have a locking lid. Also, if you are using a dumpster, then you are going to want to be sure you shut the lid after each dump and lock it into place. Never add so much trash to a container that you can't shut the lid or you will be inviting all types of pests to come.

Keep the area clean

Another thing that can cause pests to come onto your property is allowing the area around the trashcan or dumpster to get dirty. Even if you make sure that things like packaging leftovers and food containers are kept up off the ground, there are still other things to be concerned with. Any liquids that end up on the ground can also capture the attention of pests. This is why you are going to want to rinse the area around the trash on a regular basis. Also, you can keep the area very clean by power washing the area every so often to get absolutely everything up, and this will also help to keep the area from looking stained.

Have trash removed as often as needed

Along with your normal trash pickup, you are also going to want to make sure you have your trash removed when you have more than what is going to fit in your trash containers. Also, if you are doing a spring cleaning or a clean-out, then you want to make sure you have trash removal scheduled so everything gets picked up shortly after you have brought the trash out. Otherwise, the longer the trash sits, the more pests and wildlife that will end up being drawn to it. Even trash such as cardboard can cause some pests to be interested in the trash.

For more information, reach out to a local garbage service.