Is Your Cluttered House Increasing Your Stress While Social Distancing? 3 Tips To Plan A Major Household Clean Out

2 April 2020
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Clutter around the house is easy to ignore when you spend the majority of your day running through your busy schedule. Now, however, many people are discovering that household clutter interferes with their ability to work from home or relax during their time off. Social distancing is important right now, and it might have caused you to take a deeper look at your home environment. Fortunately, you don't have to let the mess generate more stress than you already have to deal with. Just use these three tips to get started on planning a household clean out that makes you want to spend more time at home.

Identify the Main Areas to Target

Most homes have specific areas where trash and junk tend to build up. For example, you might have been stashing unwanted items in the garage for months, or you may have a spare room that is filled with boxes from your recent move. Your kid's room may also be filled up with things that they no longer use such as old clothing and outgrown toys. Grab a notepad and give each room in your house a look. Take note of any larger items that you feel can't necessarily go out with your normal trash such as broken chairs or desks. 

Using this list, you can then reach out for dumpster rental services. When you schedule the drop-off, you can mention how many rooms you are cleaning out along with an estimate of the items that intend to trash to make sure that you get the correct sized bin.

Make Hauling Away the Trash Easy

Your clean out will go faster when you arrange to have the dumpster rental placed in a location that is easy to access. For example, you might prefer to have it in the driveway so that you can easily walk through the garage with any unwanted items. Think about the best route for getting things out of the house so that you can have the dumpster dropped off where you want it.

Get Your Family On Board

Once you have your game plan and the dumpster delivered, you want to get the other people in your house to help you. Assign each person a room to work on, or pair an older sibling with a younger one and have them work on their bedroom. You'll also want to cover the basics of dumpster safety for any older members of your family that will be accessing the rental to throw away trash. For example, certain items are hazardous and should not be placed in the container. Once everyone knows what to do, go ahead and get started. You'll soon have a clean house to enjoy while you follow the stay at home orders.

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