2 Things to Think About When Renting a Dumpster

31 March 2020
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If you are a landlord, you may decide that you would rather provide a dumpster for your tenants have them leave their trash for a municipal pickup service. That could be because you have a lot of tenants in a particular building or division, and having them leave all their trash out for waste removal companies to pick up would leave a huge mess. Or, you may think an on-site dumpster is just more convenient for everyone.

No matter what your reason is, you have to think about a few things before you make your final decision as to what kind of dumpster you are going to get for your property. 

1. The Number of Tenants

You should start by thinking about is how many tenants you expect each dumpster to serve. Obviously, the more tenants you have, the larger the dumpster needs to be, but then you may run into another problem. You could get a large enough dumpster for all the tenants, but the dumpster could be too big for the waste removal company to handle easily. This would mean that you'll be left with a dumpster full of trash. A large dumpster may also be too large for the area where you want to place it. It may be better for you to think about using multiple smaller units because they will have the same amount of space as one large unit, but without the drawbacks. 

2. Scheduling Options

You'll also need to think about how often you want to schedule the dumpster to be removed or emptied. This can also be tied to how many tenants are going to use the various dumpsters and how many of them you want to provide. Many people tend to follow a weekly pickup schedule because that can allow them to have a slightly smaller unit. You would need a bigger dumpster if you choose a schedule with fewer pickups each month. You may be able to change your schedule with the waste removal company if you find that the schedule you are currently using doesn't work for you, for whatever reason. 

If you are a landlord, you need to make sure that you have a way for your tenants to dispose of their trash. A dumpster may be the perfect choice for you and your needs. Learn more about commercial dumpster rentals by contacting companies such as Michael's Rolloff Solutions.